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[pics] Jamie’s TGirl Saturday at Hamburger Marys – Grooby Girl Edition!

TGirl Saturdays
This month we teamed up with Jamie Jameson from TGirl Nights for a very special edition of Jamie’s TGirl Saturday at Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach, CA. This was a very special Grooby Girl occasion, with models like Korra Del Rio, Tori Mayes, Kelly Klaymour, Jane Marie, and Sofia Ferreira in attendance.  Thank you to Jamie for an awesome party!

Special thanks to Otola Photography and TeddyBoy Photography.

Jamie’s TGirl Saturday Present Girls, Girls, Girls!

Meet the Grooby Girls This Saturday Jan 3rd at Jamie‘s TGirl Saturday at Hamburger Marys Long Beach! Tori Mayes, Sofia Ferreira, Korra Del Rio, Kelly Klamour, and Audrina De Leon.

TGirl Gogos and the Grooby Girls are scheduled for 10:30pm. TGirl Nights is a proud sponsor of the upcoming 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards, Feb 15th and 16th! 

Trans Star Allie Jade Announces Official Website with Grooby Network


Burbank, CA – Budding trans starlet Allie Jade launched her official website through the Grooby Network today.

“I just am so happy to have this new site where I can get incredible, hot, goofy, and a little nerdy content to my fans!” said trans star Allie Jade. “I know they will love the easy access and amount available to them! Along with that. I cannot wait to share my life and loves with my awesome fan base! The ease of updating and the great ability of fans to see all the content beats out most any major sites!”

“Although Allie Jade is new to the industry, she is quickly building her fan base,” added Grooby Marketing Manager Kristel Penn. “It’s clear that she adores her fans and is dedicated to creating content that keeps them satisfied. I think they’ll be very pleased with what she has to offer.”

Jade was featured on Shemale Yum in October 2014 and decided to create her own website to serve her growing audience. Her site will feature steamy weekly photos and videos featuring transgirl on cisgirl action. With a wide variety of solo and hardcore content, Jade promises high quality photos and HD videos.

To celebrate the launch of her website, Jade will be doing a webcam show on December 19, 2014 at 6pm-8pm PST for members. Join her official website at AllieJade.XXX.

Grooby has partnered with ModelCentro to create an unique opportunity for models to design and mange their own websites. Models are able to control their content while using the branding and resources of Grooby Productions. AllieJade.XXX is the second in a series of new sites to be launched in the upcoming weeks, starting with KylieMaria.XXX. For those interested in creating their own website, visit for more information.


Grooby and ModelCentro Team Up for Revamped Grooby Network


Burbank, CA – Grooby Productions and ModelCentro announced their partnership for the new Grooby Network platform. Trans models will now be able to create their own websites using ModelCentro’s unique service and the powerful marketing resources from both companies.

ModelCentro founder Stan D’Aman stated, “It’s with great pleasure that ModelCentro is teaming up with Grooby to target the transexual niche, and we’re confident that the collaboration of efforts will empower TS models and pay off for both parties involved!”

“We’ve worked with Adult Centro on other projects but when Stan told us about ModelCentro I immediately recognized how well it would work with many of our models,” said Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby.  “These models love creating content and interacting with their fans, but the process of building a solo website was too problematic for them. This is the easiest system I’ve seen and the addition of the .XXX domain name is an added bonus for the models. We’ve a number of tgirl sites in the works and I’m excited about what we can do together.”

ModelCentro provides all the necessary tools for models to create, customize, and run their own membership sites. This includes hosting, billing, design, domain registration, and livecam. This unique platform is designed to empower its models. No previous experience or technical know-how is required, only a willingness to work within a simple interface and interact with fans. For more information about the company, visit

Grooby Productions was founded in 1996 and is currently based in Los Angles as the leader producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company recently started offering models the opportunity to run their own sites. The company also hosts the Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its seventh year. More information about the show can be found at

Grooby Productions and ModelCentro partnered in 2014 to create unique opportunity for trans models to run their own websites. Using ModelCentro’s unique platform, both companies will be using their marketing resources to help models promote themselves across their respective networks. Those who sign up will be promoted as part of the Grooby Network and have access to great informational support to help build their brand. Trans models interested in creating their own website should visit

The Grooby Girls Xmas TGirl Competition Special!


The Grooby Girls Xmas Tgirl Competition Special!!!

Closing date – January 4th 2015

Submit ASAP

The earlier we get it, the more publicity we can give you!

Here’s the skinny … either wearing one of our very special Grooby Girls Xmas T-shirts OR or another Grooby Girls Tshirt OR a Grooby Girls tattoo, send us a collection of your best Xmas photos taken by yourself (selfies) or your friends. Points will particularly be awarded for outdoor shoots, hot sets, making sure there is Xmas or seasonal themes in the photos and anything creative.   We’ve had lots of entries for previous competitions but we aim to go into 2015 with this being the largest yet, which is why we’ve increased the prizes – win Amazon Gift Cards and start your New Year with a bang!

Grooby has a lot of exciting ideas for Grooby Girls and other transsexual model opportunities for 2015, so if you want to be part of it, this is the place.   We are open to anyone, whether you have been a model with us, or not.  This isn’t just for models but for any tgirls who are super Grooby!

Previous winners for the Halloween competitions created photo sets.

You can do what you wish!

You can enter as many times as you wish by sending the photos to; with any text and social media or website links you wish to add.

Videos will also be accepted.

TWO TOP PRIZE WINNERS OF: $100 Amazon Gift Card Each
TWO RUNNERS UP OF $50 Amazon Gift Card Each

We’re ready right now for your photos. Don’t miss this!

Grooby Calendar Proceeds to be Donated to Transgender Law Center


What’s the best way to kick off 2015? How about by doing some good? If you purchase one of our limited edition Grooby Girl calendars, we’ll donate the proceeds to the Transgender Law Center. 12 months of Grooby Girls to hang on your walls and the money is going to a good cause! Sounds great to us.

The Transgender Law Center works to change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity of expression. They envision a future where gender self-determination and authentic expression are seen as basic rights and matters of common human dignity.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014


Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.   Each year, we reflect on those who lost their lives through violence.  The GLAAD website, states that the day “honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence” but when a report was published in “The Guardian” yesterday that almost 50% of transgender youths in the UK had considered suicide, I believe the remit of the TDoR should also include those.  When a person has been so marginalized, misunderstood, alienated or abused that they have nowhere to turn but to consider taking their own lives, then that life would also have been lost through anti-transgender violence.

We work in the entertainment industry – an industry that creates and sells fantasies and it’s always been important to educate on that distinction.  The models or performers working in the transsexual adult industry in the past few years have done a lot to help normalize who transsexuals are; that each one is individual, with a different background, different outlook, different ideas on politics, different tastes in music & culture, they look different and they act different.  Their identity doesn’t come because they’re transsexual – they are individuals who are transsexual.   The pornography industry, is showcasing transsexuals faster that any other industry and breaking down the stereotypes – and this is what is needed across all industries.

As every year, there have been too many deaths of transgendered people across the world but what we are starting to see in 2014, is some media starting to report more fairly and law enforcement taking hate crimes against transgendered people seriously.   Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck was murdered by a US marine in the Philippines received worldwide attention and closer to us, a well-known model who was beaten and raped in NYC, had the closure of seeing her attackers jailed after a lengthy police investigation.   However, the violence against transgendered people is still disproportionate compared to other people in society.

I don’t believe in my lifetime, I will see the complete normalization and integration of transsexuals into society, if one expects to see a transsexual to not turn heads or cause a second glance.  Human’s will always look at someone who is different to them – but it’s not always with malice but often just out of interest and that’s something that needs to be accepted.   I see it when out with transsexual friends – and the instinct is to either be defensive or retreat.   The better way, as I can attest to having watched these friends, is to engage and be themselves.   As friends, family, employers, co-workers … or even as a fan of transsexual pornography, we have the same duty.  To educate the un-educated.  To show that transgendered people are individuals, that don’t conform to stereotypes and are the same as everyone else.  This is how hate crimes against any group will reduce.

I don’t believe I will see the complete normalization and integration – but I truly believe that if we/I,  (the “allies”) engage as well as refuse to allow our friends to be alienated or humiliated, then I will live to see a world where transsexual persons are no longer a marginalized or separate group.

Please take a moment to think on the girls and guys who have died through ignorance and hate.  You can see news reports on some of these at The Grooby Post

-Steven Grooby

(This post originally appeared on Grooby Steven’s Blog)

Rupaul’s Drag Race Alum Juju Set to Host 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards

TEA15-Juju-Flyer copy

Burbank, CA – Grooby Productions is thrilled to welcome back former Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Jujubee as the host of the upcoming 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards. The show will take place on February 15,2014 at the Avalon in Hollywood followed by the official after party at the Bardot on February 16, 2015. Pre-sale tickets are now available for purchase

“We’re so excited to have Jujubee return as our TEA host,” said Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby. “She’s become an integral part of our show and we love the humor and professionalism she brings every year. She’s been a great supporter of the Transgender Erotica Awards and we can’t wait to see her up on stage again.”

“I am honored to be returning for the 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards, formerly known as…. I’ll leave that to the girls, haha,” added Jujubee. “This will be my third time hosting and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s becoming a tradition that I sincerely look forward to. The Avalon in Hollywood will be a fabulous new location for this year’s festivities; I know I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait!”

Jujubee is best known for her involvement on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 2 on Logo, quickly becoming a fan favorite in the competition. She then appeared as a drag professor on Rupaul’s Drag U for three consecutive seasons and was hand-picked for Rupaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, where she was a finalist. A veteran with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Jujubee’s infectious personality, talent, and professionalism always shine through in her performances. Visit her official website at

This year the 7th Annual Transgender Erotica Awards will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2014 at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA. The official After Party will be held on Monday, February 16, 2014 at the Avalon’s connecting property, the Bardot. Pre-sale tickets and sponsorship information can be found at

Sponsor and media inquiries can be directed to

Jamie’s Halloween Party at Hamburger Mary’s on November 1st!


We wish that Halloween was all month long and then some! Thankfully Jamie from TGirl Nights understands this and we’re thrilled that her Halloween Party will be this Saturday November 1st at Hamburger Mary’s so we have two days of Halloween fun to participate in!

TGirl Saturdays are “Monthly at Mary’s”

1st Saturday of the Month

$450 in CASH for Best Costumes!
$300 First Place
$100 Second Place
$50 Third Place

Red Carpet Photos
Hot TGirl GoGo Dancers
Kimera and Johanna

$100.00 in Cash Giveaways at Midnight!

   $5 Cover All NIGHT!    

Hamburger Marys
330 Pine Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
Across the street from Golds Gym